Who should I contact about trash and recycling pickup?

The web site of the City of Carrollton provides answers to most questions about trash and recycling services. Please visit the City's Solid Waste FAQ page.

Who should I contact to report a street light problem?

For problems with street lights, provide information directly to Oncor at Oncor Residential . The City of Carrollton does not service street lights.

How many people may live in a residence?

We are zoned as a single-family residence community. As well, our Covenants stipulate that each residence may only be occupied by one family consisting of persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage or no more than three unrelated persons living and cooking together as a single housekeeping unit, together with any household servants. Therefore, multiple families, such as two brothers, their wives and children, cannot live together in any house within the Community. See Covenants 8.4.

May I modify my home's appearance or add freestanding structures/decorations?

All modifications to the outside of your house or items on your property must comply with our Covenants. Therefore, you should review the Covenants PRIOR to making modifications. If you need interpretation or any assistance with the Covenants, please contact a Board member.

What are the restrictions on holding a garage sale at my house?

The City of Carrollton permits a residence to hold up to four sales per 12-month period. The sales must be at least 30 days apart and each sale may not exceed three consecutive days in duration. You may place one or two small, temporary signs along Kings Gate Drive during the days of the sale. The signs must be removed promptly after the sale ends.

Who is responsible for the adjoining walls between lots?

The cost of maintenance and repair is equally shared between owners of the adjoining lots. See Covenants 4.3.

May I convert my garage into another living area?

No. Each residence must have at least a two-car garage. No garage can be converted to a living space or used in any manner so as to preclude the parking of two automobiles. See Covenants 8.5.

What kind of small sheds may be put on my property?

Children's playhouses, dog houses, greenhouses, gazebos, and buildings for storage of lawn maintenance equipment may be placed so that they are not visible from any street. See Covenants 8.8.

May I park my recreational vehicle near my house?

No boat, trailer, marine craft, hovercraft, aircraft, recreational vehicle, pick-up camper, travel trailer, motor home, camper body, or similar vehicle or equipment may be parked for storage in the driveway or front yard of any dwelling or parked on any public street in the community. See Covenants 8.8.

May I keep chickens or other animals in the backyard?

No animals, livestock, fowl, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept in the community, except that dogs, cats, or other household pets may be kept for the purpose of providing companionship for the private family. Animals are not to be raised, bred, or kept for commercial purposes or for food. See Covenants 8.8.

May I put a television antenna or satellite dish on my roof?

No antennas, discs, or other equipment for receiving or sending sound or video messages are permitted in the community except for antennas for AM or FM radio reception and UHF or VHF television reception. All antennas must be located inside the attic of the main residential structure, except that one antenna may be permitted to be attached to the roof of the main residential structure (but only if the place of attachment is not visible from the street in front of the house). Basically, keep your satellite dishes hidden from the front, street-level view of your house. See Covenants 8.8.

May I put a flag pole or water fountain in my yard?

The Homeowners' Association's Architectural Review Committee has ruled that freestanding flag poles and large water fountains may only be placed in the back yard of a residence and in such a location that they cannot be seen from the street. Flag poles may NOT be lit at night. A small, inconspicuous water fountain may be placed along the front of the house inside the flower beds.

May I run a business from my home?

Basically, you may not use your house or any external building for a commercial venture. Nothing can be done which is or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. You can use your house for quiet, inoffensive activities such as tutoring or giving art lessons, so long as such activities do not increase the number of cars parked on the street and do not result in regular visitations by clients, suppliers, etc. In short, you may not do anything that is detectable by your neighbors. See Covenants 8.8.

What kind of swimming pools may be constructed?

No above-ground swimming pools may be erected, constructed, or installed. Jacuzzis, whirlpools, or spas may be installed, as they are not considered an above-ground pool. See Covenants 8.8.

What kind of decorations may I use outside my house?

No artificial vegetation or permanent flag poles are permitted on the exterior of any porch in the Community. No exterior sculpture, fountains, flags and temporary flag poles, birdhouses, bird baths, other decorative embellishments, or similar items are permitted. See Covenants 8.8.

What kind of roofing materials may be used?

All roofs must be constructed or covered with 20-year architectural composition shingles with the appropriate color of grey consistent with other houses in the community. See Covenants 8.16.

Do I have to replace my mailbox with a similar structure?

Mailboxes must be constructed with the same color of brick as the residence. See Covenants 8.15.

What happens if I don't pay my assessment dues levied every six months?

Nearly everyone in our community is very responsible and does their part to maintain our standard of living. However, if a homeowner fails to support the community by paying his/her dues, the Board has the right to place a lien on the homeowner's property. The lien will force the mortgage company to pay all back dues and penalties when the homeowner sells the house. See Covenants 6.8.

When may I water my lawn?

Click here for updated watering restrictions for the City of Carrollton Watering Restrictions.

Where can I find the City of Carrollton Neighborhood Enforcement Ordinances?

The Ordinances can be viewed here.

Where do I report City of Carrollton Ordinance violations?

The enforcement division for the City can be reached at 972-466-3060. You can also submit your request for inspection using the City of Carrollton Community Development web page. This page includes a link for reporting a complaint. We also ask that you email HOA President Lisa Smith if you are in contact with the City or want to register a comment/complaint. For non-emergency police assistance, you should call 972-466-3333.