The Estates of Wellington Run Community Association is governed by a set of bylaws and covenants. Sometimes these Covenants do not fully address issues within the Community. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for making rulings and decisions for such issues. Following are the rulings passed by the ARC.


  • Temporary signs for non-commercial purposes, such as school-related signs, shall be placed near the front door of the house. They may remain in place for an indefinite period of time.
  • Temporary contractor/commercial signs are prohibited except during, and for a period not to exceed one week after, the construction or modification of some aspect of the lot or house.
  • Garage sale signs and other event-related signs may be placed on Community public areas only during the day of the event.
  • Non-Community event signs are prohibited on all Community public areas.
  • Size of each sign may not exceed that of normal poster board.
  • Political signs may not be posted on any Community public areas. Small poster-board sized signs may be placed in front yards during the two weeks preceding an election.


  • Freestanding flagpoles shall not be permitted in front or side yards. Vertical lighting of flagpoles (properly located in backyards) may not remain on all night.
  • Fence materials. Wrought iron fences may be constructed in typical fence locations within the Community. Any such fence must be at least 6 feet high and include shrubbery landscaping that will grow to a similar height and conceal the view. Using vines or other non-shrubbery concealment is prohibited. Fences made from a non-wood or non-wrought iron material shall be permitted if they are a natural wood color, such as brown or beige. Lighter colored fences are prohibited.
  • Fountains and bird baths. Only small, shrubbery-sized fountains may be placed within the flowerbeds next to the house. No artificial decorations, such as bird baths, may be placed where they can be seen from the street.


  • Obstructions to alleys and sidewalks. The Association has the right to maintain any tree or landscaping that creates an obstruction to alleys, sidewalks, streets, and other public areas. Residents will be charged for maintenance costs if they do not comply with the Covenants and City requirements.
  • Shrubbery near houses shall be maintained so that the majority of any window is not blocked and that the height does not exceed the height of the roof overhang. As well, the house number must be visible from the street. Per Carrollton City Ordinances, sidewalks must have a minimum of 7 feet vertical clearance.
  • Non-indigenous plants and trees. All varieties of non-indigenous vines and spreading plants, capable of easily spreading to nearby lots, are prohibited. For example, you are not permitted to plant bamboo within our development. The City of Carrollton also prohibits the spreading of any plant beyond the property lines.


  • Metal roofs are prohibited within the Community. To date, the Committee has not seen any metal roofing materials that have substantially the same appearance as composite shingles.


  • Motor vehicles shall not be parked in front of neighbors' houses, on a routine basis, or in such a location that prohibits access to neighbors' mailboxes by delivery trucks.